Theragun for Professionals

Theragun percussive therapy devices are carefully designed to be easy-to-use from a practitioner’s perspective, and effectively activate muscles, facilitate movement, and alleviate pain.

Your Patients & Clients Will Feel the Difference

Optimize every session with the breakthrough treatment experts trust.

Enhance treatments with targeted to full-body relief for your patients.
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Physical Therapists / Physio
Increase your patients’ range of motion and activate muscles fast.
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The ultimate performance and recovery solution for your clients.
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"The Theragun is an absolute game-changer in rehabilitation and sports performance. Our sessions at Bespoke Treatments are more efficient and 100% more effective. Every clinician and every serious athlete should have one."
Daniel Giordano, PT, DPT, CSCS
Co-Founder of Bespoke Treatments

Neurological Benefits

Decreases pain & sensitivity to stretch

Increases range of motion

Increase proprioception

Change in sympathetic
or parasympathetic system

Stimulates blood flow

Physiological Benefits

Prevent or eliminate adhesions

Generates mechanotransduction

Unload peripheral nerve restrictions

Stimulate tissue remodeling

(Wolff's Law, Davis's Law)

Increases collagen uptake

Frequently asked questions

Are there published studies about Theragun or percussive therapy?

As the world leader in percussive therapy, we are committed to providing the best technology in our percussive therapy devices. We also acknowledge the need for more formal research to better understand the science of percussive therapy.

For this reason, Theragun has ongoing collaborations with top academic institutions conducting research that will help us understand how to optimize everyone’s use of percussive therapy to improve performance, recovery, and relieve pain. We are excited to share the results of these studies as soon as they are complete!

I’m a professional, and after using the Theragun on my patients and/or clients, many of them have purchased a Theragun. Do you have any programs where I can receive a commission for these sales?

We recently launched the Theragun Network, a program exclusively for professionals. Theragun Network members are certified trainers, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and instructors who are passionate about sharing the life-changing benefits of percussive therapy with their community.

As a Theragun Network member, you’ll be able to share exclusive discount codes with the touch of a button through the Theragun App, and receive a commission for every order placed.

If you're interested, just follow this link, fill out your information, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible:

Do you have any discounts for professionals?

We currently do not have discounts for professionals, only military service members. But we do offer 30% off a Theragun G3PRO or G3 for approved members of the Theragun Network.

If you’re interested in hearing about more, you can email, and apply at this link:

Are there any additional opportunities within the Theragun Network?

Theragun Network members have the chance to join the Theragun team for special events and opportunities in your city. Our team will reach out directly to members when an event is coming to your area.

Do I have to own a Theragun G3PRO to be a part of the Theragun Network?

Yes. All members must own and use a Theragun with their clients to be a part of the Network. Reach out to us if you have any additional inquiries at

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