A multi-tasking tool to maximize your clients’ performance and recovery.

The Theragun Advantage

Optimize every session
Faster Activation and Recovery
Increase Client ROM
Enhance Client Performance

How to Use Theragun During a Session



For each muscle involved in the session, take 30 secs to activate, increase range of motion, and improve muscle coordination. Focus for 10 secs each: 1. Across the origin of the muscle. 2. Across the insertion of the muscle. 3. Up and down the belly of the muscle.



During any break or moment of rest during a session, use the Theragun for no more than 15 seconds on the belly of the muscle to reduce fatigue and reactivate.



Take 2 minutes per muscle group and move nice and slow, back and forth, up and down. Do this within 30 minutes of the end of your session to help reduce soreness and accelerate the recovery process.

“We use the Theragun on everyone from youth athletes to Hollywood actors to pro football players. They really feel the difference.”
Ryan Capretta, BS, MS, CSCS
Founder of Proactive Sports Performance

Precisely Engineered for Professionals

2-speed functionality
Features a scientifically-calibrated treatment speed and a lower speed for patients with acute injury or tenderness.
6 effective attachments
Attachments with varying firmness and shapes, precisely engineered to treat every muscle. Non-porous and hygienic, they glide over skin and clothing, while sweat and oils can be easily wiped away.
Adjustable arm
Easily access hard-to-reach areas on your patient with any one of the 4 adjustable arm angles, while reducing your own wear and tear.
Swappable batteries
Critical for professional users, our swappable external batteries allow for continuous use when treating patients and clients, whether in your clinic or on the road, field, or track.
Ergonomic multi-grip handle
We designed our patented Theragun Triangle handle specifically for practitioners that treat patients for several hours a day. Provides unmatched ergonomic comfort without strain on your hands and wrists.
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